Sound and Music Computing Colloqium
Aalborg University Copenhagen

Fr. 11.9. 14:30h Jesper Andersen: (Royal Danish Academy of Music): 
        Technology and Aesthetics in the Music Production "Krucha Blondynka"

An in-depth explanation and the technical and artistic elements of a specific music production are given. There will be a focus on the aesthetic choices made and how these choices affect the technical solutions. The presentation will be based on the Grammy-nominated (best producer) recording of "Krucha Blondynka" from 2010 by the Polish artist Czeslaw Spiewa. Here is a link to the song, which I suggest that all participants hear before the presentation:

Jesper is Associate professor and head of tonmeister studies at Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM). He is a Tonmeister graduate from RDAM. As a producer, engineer and pianist, Jesper has recorded around 60 CD's and produced music for radio, TV, theatre, installation and performance. He has been working as music-engineer/producer at the Danish Radio and taught at Rhythmic Conservatory of Music and Danish Technical University. He works within a wide range of genres and has worked with the DR concert orchestra, Athelas Sinfonietta, Holland House, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Odense Symphony Orchestra, Norrk√∂ping Symphony Orchestra, Figura, Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, Under Byen, Efterklang, Choir of Young Believers, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Czeslaw Spiewa, and  Mary Gauthier.