Sound and Music Computing Colloqium
Aalborg University Copenhagen

Fr. 6.11. 14:30h Peter Vuust: It Don't Mean a Thing, . . . or Does it? - Rhythmic communication in music and brain 

"Music is a universal language" (Miles Davis-saxophonist George Coleman), yet the meaning of music is of a far more abstract nature than speech. In jazz, as in most other musical styles, rhythm is one of the major trajectories for communication and the tension created by polyrhythm/polymeter is arguably one of the strongest rhythmic vehicles for this. This presentation  the neural processing of different types of rhythm, from polyrhythm to rhythms in contemporary groove music, and discusses the neural foundation of rhythmic interaction in music. 

Professor Peter Vuust, Ph.D. holds joint appointments at the Danish Royal Academy of Music and the Center for Functionally Integrative Neuroscience, Aarhus University Hospital where he is the Director of the Center for Music in the Brain. He obtained his doctoral degree from the Medical Faculty of Aarhus University, in addition to his various M.Sc. in mathematics, French and music. He has published highly cited articles on music in the brain, as well as the monograph "Polyrhythm and –meter in modern jazz; a study of Miles Davis’ Quintet from the 1960s”. In addition, Prof Vuust is a jazz bassist and composer; leading the Peter Vuust Quartet with Alex Riel, Lars Jansson and Ove Ingemarsson of which the sixth record “September Song” has recently been released and was nominated for a Danish Music Award. He has also been a sideman on over 85 recordings and is the recipient of the 2009 Jazz Society of Aarhus’ "Gaffel"-prize as well as a Center of Excellence grant from the Danish National Research Foundation.